Did you know that propane autogas vehicles can earn your municipality thousands back in rebates, along with other perks and advantages? That’s right; Illinois Propane Gas Association provides incentives for the use of clean-burning propane autogas. Keep reading to discover all the benefits of propane autogas and how you can take advantage of state rebates for your school district or city entity.


Why Use Propane Autogas for Vehicles in Illinois?

A variety of vehicle types can benefit from efficient propane autogas, and all are eligible for the state rebate. Propane autogas is an excellent choice for many different types of fleets, including:

  • Light-duty vehicles
  • Medium-duty vehicles
  • School buses
  • And more

Propane autogas is a powerful fuel that packs a punch, providing benefits such as:

  • Access to easy refueling
  • Cut harmful emissions
  • Quicker repair time
  • Get the job done no matter your vehicle size
  • Have more uptime thanks to reliable operation
  • Rebates up to $4000 per vehicle

Taking the propane plunge can help your bottom line and the environment at the same time, so why not apply for a rebate through the Illinois Propane Gas Association?

Available Rebates for Propane Autogas Vehicles

Your municipality can earn up to $4,000 for the purchase of a new propane vehicle or a vehicle converted to propane. Any propane vehicle that is registered and operated in the state of Illinois is eligible for up to $4,000 for the purchase of a new propane vehicle or cost of the conversion up to $4,000.