The 2023 Water Heater Replacement Program with HVAC Incentive is designed to reimburse homeowners and HVAC contractors that have a safety inspection done by the propane provider at the time of installation of eligible appliances. Eligible appliances include propane Power vent or Tankless water heaters ($300 reimbursement) and standard water heaters ($200 reimbursement), in either new construction, replacing electric or fuel oil or propane to propane appliances with new propane appliances. This includes an incentive of $200 for a Standard or $300 for Power Vent or Tankless water heaters for HVAC or licensed plumbers to install in new construction or replace an electric, natural gas or other fuel source with a new propane appliance (it does not include propane to propane replacements). This program is designed to educate and inform the consumer about the importance of installing appliances safely and correctly by requiring the participating Illinois Propane Marketer to perform a leak check inspection.

To receive the application for the rebate program, you must contact your local propane provider and schedule a safety inspection.

How Can I Participate?

Funding for this program is made available by Illinois Propane Education & Research Council and is administered by the Illinois Propane Gas Association. Application for this program will be accepted for consideration from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023. This program will only be offered as long as funds are available: the IPGA reserves the right to suspend the program at any time it determines funds are being exhausted.

$200 REBATE (This Program Starts 1/1/2023)

$300 REBATE (This Program Starts 1/1/2023)

A maximum of $300 per residence may be claimed per year.

If you have any questions, please click on the link to read full details of the program.

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Water Heater Rebate Application for Electronic Submission

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